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Adorned with vibrant colours, Temple Street has been revitalised, showcasing its lively and captivating night vibes. From 15 December 2023 (for six months), visitors can expect to encounter authentic decorations that serve as must-visit photo spots. The roadside food stalls also offer an endless array of delectable Hong Kong snacks and diverse specialty products, ensuring a satisfying experience that pleases both your taste buds and leaves you fulfilled. Come for an evening stroll through Temple Street and rediscover the distinctive nightlife of Hong Kong!

A taste of Temple Street

Sample the diverse culinary culture of Hong Kong in Temple Street, where you can try a wide range of Hong Kong-style snacks including fish balls, siu mai, three stuffed treasures, mock shark’s fin soup, dim sum, snake soup, and more from the 22 food stalls near Temple Street Archway. In addition, you’ll find a variety of other Asian cuisines such as pepper cakes, spicy skewers, Turkish lamb, and Pakistani cuisine.

After indulging in global cuisine, make sure to visit 10 additional stalls offering nostalgic snacks, where you can delight in the flavours of candy and coconut wraps (sugar pancakes), Ding Ding candy, dragon's beard candy, and even the elusive aeroplane olives that would evoke sentimenal memories for many locals.

Operating hours:
2 – 11pm
Near Temple Street Archway (Jordan Road entrance)

Captivating street decor

Explore symbols and icons representing the identity of Temple Street, such as sparrows, street foods, and signature pawnshop signs, creatively showcased in various areas of Temple Street. Experience the energetic spirit of Temple Street through dazzling light art installations, vivid creative painting, and eye-catching wall projections that come alive with every step you take. Even the street signs have been revamped with a fresh new look. Come and explore these exciting changes firsthand!

Street decor lights on:
5 – 11pm
Temple Street and Yau Ma Tei Community Centre Rest Garden

Other local delicacies and nearby attractions

Suggested by Localiiz and TimeOut

Sip in Temple Street

The Woosung Street Temporary Cooked Food Hawker Bazaar

While strolling past the bustling knick-knack stalls of the market, be sure to make a stop at the Woosung Street Temporary Cooked Food Hawker Bazaar. This renowned eatery was once a stretch of dai pai dongs selling all kinds of meals and snacks, and despite the ‘temporary’ in its name, the hawker bazaar has been operating for over 35 years! In 2021, they underwent a renovation and is now home to some of the most beloved eateries in the area.

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Mrs Fong Dessert

Located next to Temple Street Archway, Mrs Fong Dessert specialises in traditional, handmade Cantonese sweets and snacks. Many of these delicacies are becoming increasingly hard to find but are still worth tasting and cherishing. Mrs Fong Dessert has gained recognition in the 2022 Michelin Guide for street food and is renowned for its white sugar cake and ‘film roll’ (sesame roll). As a second-generation family business, the shop does not provide seating and is always bustling with locals of all ages in the neighbourhood. So, expect to queue a little while visiting this popular establishment.

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Tin Hau Temple

As the origin of the name ‘Temple Street’, the Tin Hau Temple is a must-visit attraction! It is the largest temple complex dedicated to Tin Hau in Kowloon. Erected around 1865 as a small temple on what is now Pak Hoi Street, it was later relocated to its current spot by the boat people and villagers of Yau Ma Tei.

As Hong Kong was originally a fishing community, many Tin Hau temples were constructed along the waterfront, providing a place for seafarers to pray for safe voyages. Comprising of five connected buildings, the temple compounds served as a place of worship as well as a free school. The school has been renovated and revitalised into a self-service bookstore.

It’s worth noting, Tin Hau Temple extends its service hours until 10pm on Saturdays, allowing visitors to enjoy its offerings later into the evening.

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Authentic Local Culture

In addition to exploring the various fortune-telling stalls near the Tin Hau Temple, visitors can also enjoy live music performances. Whether it's Chinese opera, 90s Canton Pop, or even international classic hits, Temple Street has it all! If you’re in the mood to showcase your singing talent or simply enjoy a special music performance while sipping a drink, make sure to visit the Canton Singing House. It offers an unparalleled experience that goes far beyond your typical karaoke session.

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Mido Cafe

With its nostalgic mosaic floors, vintage ceiling fans, and antique cash register, Mido Café has maintained its original appearance since it first opened over 60 years ago. You may also recognise this iconic establishment from Hong Kong TV dramas or films. It is a historical and quintessentially Hong Kong-style Cha Chaan Teng that serves affordable and fusion-style cuisine.

For an authentic experience that transports you back to 1950s Hong Kong, head to a window seat on the second-floor. From there, you can order a classic luncheon meat and egg sandwich (also known as "chaan daan zai") and a glass of red bean ice while enjoying the view of Temple Street outside.

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